Sit To Add Ship to Fleet V0.2.4

Sit To Add Ship to Fleet V0.2.4

Sit in pilot seat to add captured ship to your fleet. No need to make it your home ship.

In the vanilla game, in order to add a captured ship to your fleet, you need to make it your home ship. This is annoying because:
Your crew moves over. If your new ship has a smaller crew capacity than your old ship, some of them might even leave.
Your old ship undocks with the new one and starts leaving, so you need to dock with your old ship to get back.
After you get back to your old ship, you need to manually assign it as your home ship again.
You can also make a ship your home ship, and thus add it to your fleet, by flying away in the new ship, which is what the in-game tutorial tells you to do. This is even worse, as you’d lose track of your old ship until you get to a spaceport.
This mod lets you add captured ships to your fleet by sitting in the pilot seat without making it your home ship.
Or optionally not add it to your fleet when you sit down. It is a dialog box with “yes” and “no”.
ESM built with xEdit.
There are no file or form conflicts. Any possible conflict is purely behavioral, which currently doesn’t exist as far as I know. You can also just like test it out.

Requirements: Plugins.txt Enabler

Install Plugins.txt Enabler. Make sure you enable plugin loading for Starfield in whatever mod manager you’re using.
Install with mod manager such as MO2 or Vortex., or dump everything into data.
Install/Update/Uninstall whenever. It doesn’t matter.



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