Starvival – Food Healing Nerf V1.0

Starvival - Food Healing Nerf V1.0

Starvival is an amazing mod and a must-have for players who seek immersion and realism in their game. However I have found that the buffs it gives to food items, the health healing at least, to be very exaggerated. A single food item in the mod can slowly fill your entire health bar, depending on its quality, no matter what level you are. And that’s without investing anything in the Nutrition skill.

My tweak here makes food healing 10 times less effective. So, if a food item normally healed for 1 HP/s, it will now heal for 0.1 HP/s. This makes food still useful for topping off your healthbar, especially the higher quality dishes, but you will still require to use med items for more serious injuries.

Note that the item UI can’t showcase such small magnitude numbers, so it will show “0” healing per second. This is just a visual error, the actual healing still applies.



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