Take Items Through Unity – No Console Commands V1.0.4

Take Items Through Unity - No Console Commands V1.0.4

When you enter Unity to start an NG+ game, all of your items are removed from your inventory and you are left with the crappy Starborn armor. After you spent all that time upgrading your equipment, you should be able to bring it with you. People have done it with bat files, console commands, etc, but this just works. Walk into Unity, walk out with whatever you had equipped beforehand.

Use a mod manager, MO2 or Vortex
Make sure you follow the instructions for plugins.txt enabler (especially Vortex users). If the mod isn’t loading, this is probably why

If a mod edits vanilla armor omods that you apply at a workbench, it may need a patch. Load other mod that edit those after this one.
If a mod edits MQ305 (the quest at Unity) it will need a patch.
If you have custom armor weapons/armor, it will probably need a patch.
If a mod adds new legendary omods, it will need a patch.

Known Issues
Weapon mods (muzzle, scope, magazine, etc) do not get brought through identically whether you added them at a workbench or they spawned that way. They will be randomized in your NG+ game. Maybe I’ll implement bringing those through someday, but it would require a lot of work editing vanilla records, or it would require SFSE to implement some new native functions. The mods your new weapon gets impacts the damage the weapon causes. Solution is to modify your weapon at a weapon workbench.


Will my gear be the same?
Just about! Armor/clothes/neuroamps should be identical. Weapons will have the same Quality (Calibrated, Refined, Advanced) and have the same legendaries. Weapons will likely have different slot mods (barrels, muzzles, etc). That means the damage values may be different. But it’s a new universe, so not everything is the same! Maybe I’ll get around to implementing that someday but it’s not easy.

Can I bring other items through Unity?
Not at this time, no. Just equipped clothes, hat, neuroamp, spacesuit, helmet, backpack, primary weapon and its ammo.

Can you make a mod that lets me bring my spaceship?
Sadly no not with the current tools available.

It didn’t bring my weapons through, help!
If you use Vortex, make sure you actually added the mod per the instructions from plugins.txt enabler
There are so many combinations of gear it’s very possible there are bugs. To help, you can edit your starfield.ini by adding the following lines:


Reload a save and go through Unity. Afterwards, go to Documents/My Games/Starfield/Logs/Script and find both papyrus1.log and papyrus0.log and upload both using a file sharing site like Pastebin.

Whoa whoa! Script based mods will slow my game down, is this mod script heavy??
Debatable premise which I will not be drawn into if you bring it up, but it runs one script before the game starts and one script after the game ends. You’ll be okay.

Will you make a patch for a certain armor/weapon?
Depends. I hope to release a template patch for people to easily make their own patches. I doubt I can patch and maintain every custom piece of gear.



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