Tell Me Your Name – SFSE V1.9

Tell Me Your Name - SFSE

About this mod:
Lets you ask your generic crew member’s name. Names are randomly picked from namelists, see below.

Female and Male Names:

150 female and 150 male names in ‘FemaleNames.txt’ and ‘MaleNames.txt’. (Top 1000 most popular American names in 2022 according to Social Security Administration.

By default, the namelists are in ..\steamapps\common\Starfield\Data\SFSE\Plugins.

You can add and remove names however you like but don’t leave empty lines in the files. Double barrel names like “Mary Anne” and names with special charaters like “Günther”, “Hjørdis” and “Béatrice” are supported as well (default lists don’t contain them though).

Custom Console Commands:

Some console commands if you’d like to suppress the R) Your name? activate choice or allow naming/renaming a specific member.

CGF “TellMeYourName.RemoveRenamePerk” —> removes the ability to ask members.
CGF “TellMeYourName.AddRenamePerk” —> gives back the ability to ask members.
CGF “TellMeYourName.DebugAllowRename” RefID —> allows to ask this already asked (named) member.
CGF “TellMeYourName.DebugDisallowRename” RefID —> disallows to ask this member about their name.

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