Venworks Faction Overhaul V1.0.1

Venworks Faction Overhaul

This updates starmap and leveled hostile human NPC lists to regionally belong to the main Starfield factions.

NOTE: This is an ever-evolving mod additional factions and regions will be added over time.

Current Factions
Crimson Fleet
Freestar Collective (Militia and Rangers – Coming Soon BGS didn’t implement them)
Grind Terra Industries (If installed and you install the optional patch)
The First
United Colonies (SysDef and Vanguard)
Robots (Coming Soon)
Clones (Coming Soon)

All current combat factions are used and given home planets and regions of the universe

Planned Features
Faction icons and representation on the starmap
Additional factions (Robots, Clones, and Freestar)
Actual outposts/settlements for the factions that don’t already have them (Needs CK2)
Being able to join a faction and open additional faction quests

Explore the universe


Via Vortex/MO2
Install as normally would any mod mod.

Installation Manually
Really please use a mod manage 🙂

Download the current zip file. Please everything in the Data folder in the zip to the same place under \Data.

Handling the plugins.txt file
You need to add VenworksFactionOverhaul.esm, and VenpiCore.esm to your plugins.txt file see below for help. Should be ordered like this in the file.


These are instructions from the author of the plugins.txt enabler mod:

Venworks Faction Overhaul

Requires: Venworks Core Utilities



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