XP for EM Knockouts V1.0

XP for EM Knockouts V1.0

Allows EM weapons and Neurostrike fists to give you XP for knocking an enemy unconscious.

For some reason, EM weapons and Neurostrike fists do not give you XP for successfully knocking someone out. This mod rectifies that issue, making a pacifist playstyle a little more viable and rewarding.

How It Works
EM damage works differently than health damage. It takes just as many hits to stun a level 200 enemy as it takes to stun a level 2 enemy. Because of this, I scale the XP reward against how much Electromagnetic Health an enemy has, rather than by their level. That is the main factor in how difficult an enemy is to stun.

This means that most (but not all) enemies will grant a baseline of 50 XP when stunned. For lower level targets, this is more XP than killing them. For higher level targets, it’s less. This feels fair to me, given the relative difficulty of stunning vs killing in both cases (at least without doing sneak attacks).

This XP reward does scale with any active modifiers to XP gain you may have. Including gameplay settings, sleep, certain food items, etc. Just like any other XP reward.

If you do stun an enemy, you will NOT be able to get any additional combat XP from him. This means you can’t farm XP by repeatedly knocking someone out, or double-dip by stunning and killing the same person. No other form of XP gain is affected.

Lastly, this mod only works on living enemies. It does NOT affect enemies like robots or turrets. EM weapons directly damage them, and can only “stun” them for a very short period of time before being destroyed by additional shots. Because of this, you will only get the normal kill XP with them.

Can be installed mid-save and should work immediately. No special steps required. Either use your favorite mod manager to install automatically, or manually install it by extracting the ESM and BA2 into your Data folder, then updating your plugins.txt file.

Safe to uninstall at any time, doesn’t matter. The script included with this mod is a “fire and forget” type, which runs once when hitting an enemy with a valid weapon. It won’t persist in your save file.

Modifies no vanilla records, so it’s compatible with everything.

Should work with any weapon which has either the WeaponTypeEM keyword, or the WeaponTypeUnarmed keyword. This includes weapons converted to deal EM damage by a workbench, or weapons added by mods (if they are set up right).

Basically, if the weapon benefits from the Incapacitation or Neurostrikes skills, it should work with this mod.

Known Issues
Nothing. “It just works!”



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