Bat Files – An Alternate Solution

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A lot of mods are currently installed via bat files, which are called via ini edits.
However, the way I’m seeing people recommend installing multiple of these mods together is bugged.

A lot of instructions say to chain the mod bat files in a manner such as this:
sStartingConsoleC ommand=bat mod1; bat mod2; bat mod3

The reason this does not work isn’t entirely clear. But the issues are easy to reproduce, where commands are seemingly randomly skipped.

Instead, I recommend the following for installing bat mods:
Instead of calling all the bat files at once, we will call a single custom bat file.
This custom bat file will call each mod’s bat file on its own line.

1. Find the correct ini
1a. – Steam
Go to:
Documents\My Games\Starfield
Open StarfieldCustom.ini
(Create the file if needed)

1b. – Xbox/Gamepass
Go to:
C:\Xbox Games\Starfield\Content
Open Starfield.ini

2. Add the following to your ini file:
sStartingConsoleC ommand=bat mods <--- Get rid of the space after the 'C' if you copy this text. (Nexus changes the text if I do not include the space) 3. Now we will create a new file called mods.txt This new file MUST be in the Starfield root directory(same folder as Starfield.exe) 4. Inside of mods.txt add a line for each of your bat mods, like this: bat super_cool_mod bat another_mod bat deadly_difficulty bat deadly_difficulty_extras And that's it! This setup will ensure all bat mods load properly! In the future, when installing additional bat mods, you simply add them on a new line in mods.txt Credits:


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