Capital Planet Desktop Globes V1.0

Capital Planet Desktop Globes V1.0

Whether you’re from shining New Atlantis, the golden plains of Akila, or the cutthroat underworld of Neon, you can now bring a bit of home with you on your travels throughout the Settled Systems. Or, if you’re a history buff, you can honor the loss of the cradle of humanity with a model of present-day Earth. Each globe can purchased for ~240 credits from The Emporium in Neon.

Each desktop globe utilizes a layered material swap to show the same texture for its model as the texture you would see on its respective planet on the star map or in space. The globes also have physics, so you’ll be able to rotate the model planet independently of its base.

All four globes have been individually injected via script into the exotic misc items leveled list. Their stock in the relevant vendors’ inventories will vary, and they may not appear immediately after installing the mod. Currently, the only shop in the game that uses the exotic items leveled list is The Emporium in Neon. If other mods or future updates add this list to more vendors, then these globes will also become available through them.

Please install using a mod manager. I personally use and highly recommend Mod Organizer 2.
You can, of course, install this mod manually or with Vortex if either are your preference and you know how.



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