DerreTech V1.7.7d

DerreTech V1.3.1

This mod adds to the game: DerreTech- a subsidiary of Hopetech- that specializes in ship interior customization. This is an all-in-one standalone mod that adds new customization options in the ship builder.

This is an all-in-one mod with all of my modded pieces that get added into the game without replacing anything. This single mod gives you:

Place ladders anywhere
Place doorways anywhere, block most doors
Ship interior ramps (with custom hab attach points)
Custom glass-enclosed hab spines
A custom empty 3x3x2 hab with internal stairs. Use one of the mods that lets you open the outpost build menu in the ship to decorate it

All parts are found at the HopeTown ship services technician.

All of my pieces currently have the “hopetech exclusive” keyword, so you can use

addkeyword 271bd

on a ship services technician of your choice, but it will also add every vanilla hopetech exclusive to that vendor as well. it will be an extremely monotonous process to add specific keywords to every single one of my pieces and every single one of their variations and flip states so that they would have individual ID’s you could use in a .bat file. i’ll do that eventually but not any time soon.

The ladders that you force into the game are not interactable, so you can’t spend 18 minutes watching your character go up it. I’m working on adding this feature. You just have to boost up for now.

Also no physical, swinging doors yet. Just open doorways.

The game is always going to make a path into every connected hab that it can, and the game will always make a path from the cockpit to the bay and to the docker. Keep that in mind if you find that you can’t block certain doors- make a new path that the ship can use instead, and then go back and block that original door.

I haven’t added a piece to block ladders, but you can use a Porthole Bottom to do it until I make one.


Add the following lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in Documents\My Games\Starfield


If you’ve ever used a mod that changes this value, it probably did it in an aggressive way- and it continually overrides the value you set yourself.

Guide for installing mods

Second guide for installing mods

Use MO2 2.5.0 Beta 14 or later. I don’t support Vortex or manual installation.

plugins.txt enabler required.

Connecting a ramp to a hab spine will leave gaps on either side of the spine
Lighting inside the ramp is completely wacko
Navmesh for the ramps is bad. Companions can fall through.
NPC’s can’t move through my modded pieces. Creation Kit would come out before I could manually set all of the Navmesh.
ramps can block your landing bay? no clue about this one


DerekM17x and Deantendo

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