Smoking Complete V3.1.2

Smoking Complete V3.1.2

Wander around the world with a cigarette in your hand.

Enjoy the freedom to walk, ride and relax with a cigarette/cigar in your hand or shoot some O’Driscolls with a cigarette in your mouth.

From chopping firewood to sharing stories around the fire while smoking, you can do it all. In addition, you have access to a customizable menu to enter different scenarios. You can enter, exit and start smoking during most scenarios. Compatible with the Seats mod.

Key for cigarette is N and for cigar it’s I (both customizable in the configuration)

1. Quick Smoke: Tap key to just quick smoke.
2. Regular Smoking: Hold key to long smoke.
3. Move to mouth: Hold key while smoking to move the cigarette/cigar to your mouth and free your hands. This way you can carry bodies, shoot, hunt, grill meat, do chores and many more.
4. Take cigarette/cigar in hand: Hold key while cigarette/cigar is in your mouth to take it back in your hand.
5. Throw away: Press key while smoking to throw away your cigarette/cigar.
6. Open scenarios menu: Hold Y to open a menu with scenarios like sitting on the ground, leaning on things etc.
7. Interact with the world. You can talk to NPCs, ride around on your horse, do chores, play poker and more while smoking.

Gameplay details:
While smoking you will regenerate Dead Eye over time. This is useful if you don’t want to spam items in a gunfight. You will gain a bit more Dead Eye if you hold the cigarette in your hand(out of combat).
Drawing your gun will automatically put the cigarette in your mouth before you draw your gun. This is configurable
If you have your gun drawn out and you try to start smoking, you will use your free hand to quickly light up a cigarette and leave it in your mouth.

The scenarios menu includes a submenu with the regular smoking scenarios that I didn’t create. Those are just the scenarios that come built into the game and I included them because the animations are good. Unfortunately, like any other scenarios, you can’t move during them and you drop the cigarette after you exit.

You can customize the keys and behaviour of the mod.
I’ve provided a way for you to add different scenarios to the menu within the configuration file. You can have up to 7 scenarios show up when you press the scenario key.

Known limitations:
Scenarios with other props, such as newspapers don’t work great. To avoid that, you can put the cigarette in your mouth for them.
Starting to run while lighting up the cigarette will cancel the lighting up animation.
Lighting a cigarette on horse will sometimes skip the animation, because it is currently playing a different animation. (Hand transition, petting horse, holstering)

Controller support:
Support is slightly limited. You will not be able to start smoking during poker and other mini games. Keep the cigarette in your mouth before you sit down.

To start smoking(simple explanation): press the DPad right(without holding it) and use RB. Then select Cigarette or Cigar.
To control the cigarette, press the DPad right(don’t hold it). You will see a prompt that says “Throw/Move Cigarette”, then hold RB to move cigarette or tap RB to throw it away.
To open the scenarios menu just press the satchel button and then open the Scenarios menu(DPad up).

Requires ScriptHookRDR2 by Alexander Blade
!! Requires Online Content Unlocker OR version.dll from RDR 2 Asi Loader.
1. Place SmokingComplete.asi and SmokingComplete.ini in your game folder where RDR2.exe is.
Don’t put it in the lml folder. It’s not an LML mod and it will not show up in the Mod Manager.

Updates & Support:
This mod was built from scratch and it’s not restored content. The amount of work required to get this to an acceptable level was insane.
I will continue to provide critical bugfixes and help.
I have no plans on adding cigars – (After reconsidering, v2.0 includes cigar smoking)
Pipes will not be added in the future, I don’t have animations for them.

The mod is compatible with pretty much everything, including Seats, Roleplayer’s Dream etc.
If you would like to, you can use retextures like the Tarantino Red Apple Cigarettes mod.
It is also compatible with the Cigarillo mod, which makes the cigarette brown, but you need to change USE_ALTERNATIVE_CIGARETTE_MODEL in the settings.



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