DarkStar Astrodynamics V3.2

DarkStar Astrodynamics V3.0.1

Scaling, upgraded Ship Parts for end game (pre and post NG+). Starborn Armor scaling (optional). Starborn Armor & Weapon purchasing. Ship Intercom disabling (optional). Outpost enhancements.

DarkStar Astrodynamics is a Gameplay Overhaul supporting pre-NG and post-NG end-game players. This mod includes new ship modules, starborn armor variations, optional starborn armor scaling enhancements, post-NG starborn-quality weapon purchases, buildable outpost components including 5 variations of the Landing Pad with Shipbuilder… and more.

Ah, the multiverse; a concept oft-considered speculation at best, and conspiratorial at worst. Even as I stepped into that unknown spectacle to become one with the stars, I had no concept of just how much the process would change me. At first, I was an explorer; simply seeking what lay beyond. Eventually, I came to see eye to eye with the mysterious Hunter. The quest for power had consumed me.

After decimating countless realities, I began to see the error of my ways. While I never truly aligned with the motivations of my false, former companions and joined the ranks of the Emissaries, I was forced to stop and ponder the meaning of it all. I found myself far beyond the point where the endless pursuit had anything left to offer, save for the chance to start anew, and abandon the consequences of my actions in any given universe.

Finally, I succumbed to the urge to seek stability; to settle down in one reality, and live the life I’d abandoned so many jumps in the past. Rather than pretend to be another Pilgrim, I traveled for a while much like the Mysterious Captain; seeking my fortune, and striving to find some niche I could call my own.

That’s when it struck me. I am Starborn. I am also well versed in all forms of science and technology. I have seen far too much on my endless journey to sit back and ignore what I was capable of. If I could leverage what I’d learned for profit, while helping others of my ilk, then why shouldn’t I?

DarkStar Astrodynamics was formed from this inspiration. We take what we’ve learned of Starborn technology, and retrofit it into the technology used by mortal man. This allows our fellow Starborn to travel the galaxy in disguise, avoiding the suspicions of those who might seek to take advantage of, or attack, them for who they are.

Whether you’re hunting your way across the void in search of your next step into the Unity, or attempting to settle down and live a mortal life in relative peace, we have just what you need to accomplish your task.

Important Note:
Base Game features scale from Level 65, to Level 87. Check The Clinic once you reach 65 to learn more.
NG+ features scale from NG+1 to NG+6, starting at level 35. Check The Den once you enter NG+ with at least level 35 to learn more.

What’s Inside?

Extends ship module scaling in a new way, enhancing BOTH Base Game and NG+. All ship modules use in-game 3D models, to reduce conflicts and make this expansion feel more natural to the game world. The stats these modules provide are above and beyond what the game normally provides. As such, this mod attempts to align with relatively realistic scaling metrics, providing serious upgrades at steep costs & requirements (optional patches available to remove/reduce these requirements & costs, don’t worry).

Ship Modules:
1 new Ballistic Weapon
1 new Particle Weapon
1 new Particle Turret
1 new Laser Weapon (NG+ only)
1 new Missile Weapon (NG+ only)
All new Reactors
All new Grav Drives
All new Engines
All new Landing Gear
All new Cockpits/Bridges
All new Shields
New “Micro” Fuel Tanks
New “Micro” Cargo Holds
New variations of the Scan Jammer mark 3
New variations of the Com Spike
New variations of the Conduction Grid

Non-Player Characters:
New NPC Ship Services Technician in The Clinic, selling Base Game parts
New NPC Ship Services Technician in The Den, selling NG+ parts

Outpost & Apartment Enhancements:
5 New Shipbuilder landing pads for your Outpost
4 New Outpost storage modules with 100k storage
4 New Outpost INFINITE storage modules
Outpost/Apartment – 2 New Placeable chests with infinite storage (Decorations tab, at bottom)
Outpost/Apartment – Placeable Trade Authority Kiosk (1 per outpost, +terminus version)
Outpost/Apartment – Placeable Chunks terminal (1 per outpost, +terminus version)
Outpost/Apartment – Placeable Terrabrew terminal (1 per outpost, +terminus version)
Outpost/Apartment – Placeable Tranquilitea terminal (1 per outpost, +terminus version)
Outpost/Apartment – Placeable Starborn merchant (1 per outpost, +terminus version)

Optional Settings!
Disable ANY ship intercom with any one of 6 new Perks. Just open your console and type “help DisableIntercom” without quotes, and then use Player.addperk XXXXXXXX or Player.removeperk XXXXXXXX to turn the different settings on and off at your whim.
Starborn Armor Scaling can be enabled by giving yourself a new perk! “help EnableStarborn” and give yourself the perk!

Armor appears in DarkStar Starborn Services terminal
The armor that appears depends on what you’ve unlocked (how many unity trips you’ve made)
The armor that appears ALSO depends on whether or not you have the EnableStarbornArmorScaling perk.
The armor that shows up will be for the TIER you have unlocked, in every suit variation. IE: if you’ve unlocked your 10th Unity trip, then you will find Astra, Locus, Avitus, Gravitas, Tennebris, Tempus, etc… all with base game Venator stats.
If you enabled starborn armor scaling, you will find up to Unity 10 (Mark 10) versions in the vendor, PLUS whatever extended tier you have unlocked, IE: Mark 35, or Mark 50.

At the DarkStar Starborn Services terminal you can also find 2 new custom weapons, if you’ve passed through the unity at least once
These are slightly enhanced versions of the weapons wielded by your end-game, main quest foes… and you can buy them right after you exit the Unity

You can find a Starborn Services terminal in the basement of THE LODGE.

Install Instructions

I have tested this MOD on both GAMEPASS and STEAM. It works exactly the same on both! Yes, you can run this on PC Gamepass. 🙂

Download the FOMOD file using Vortex, MO2 or Manual.
Follow the FOMOD prompts in Vortex or MO2 if using a mod loader.
If installing manually, open the compressed file and select 1 ESM from any of the folders it contains.

NOTE: Uninstall any previous Optional Patches if upgrading an existing install of this mod.

Steam Players, you can use SFSE + ASILoader + PluginsTxtEnabler. OR you can use UltimateASILoader + PluginsTxtEnabler. I actually recommend using both at the same time. This will allow you to avoid SFSE launch whenever SFSE needs an update, or if you begin crashing during the Credits scene in the Unity. When that happens, if you run SFSE it is most likely SFSE or an SFSE mod that is causing the issue. The typical solution is disabling SFSE before you grav-jump to the Unity, and launching the game through your Steam client directly. Then re-loading after the Unity to turn your SFSE+mods back on. By using UltimateASILoader you can still run MOST mods when SFSE is disabled, giving you options.

SFSE Instructions (Steam):
Install SFSE.
Install Plugins.Txt Enabler (follow its instructions).
Install this mod using any mod loader, or continue to step 4+ if doing it manually.
Download the version & optional files you want.
Place the .esm files in the same folder as your Starfield.esm.
Add the full .esm file names of everything you downloaded to your Plugins.txt file, created by step 6 (with a * in front of the name).
Make sure the core mod is loaded before any optional patches.

UltimateASILoader Instructions (GamePass & Steam):
Download “bink2w64.dll” from github.
Open your Starfield install directory.
Rename the current bink2w64.dll file to bink2w64Hooked.dll.
Copy the downloaded bink2w64.dll file into your Starfield install directory.
Note: You will need to repeat steps 3 & 4 if you ever patch, redownload or Verify your game files using Steam/XBox App.
Install Plugins.Txt Enabler (follow its instructions).
I recommend you install Achievement Enabler whether or not you plan to use the Baka version with SFSE. This allows Achievements even when SFSE isn’t running. If you care about achievements, anyway.
Install this mod using any mod loader, or continue to step 9+ if doing it manually.
Download the version & optional files you want.
Place the .esm files in the same folder as your Starfield.esm.
Add the full .esm file names of everything you downloaded to your Plugins.txt file, created by step 6 (with a * in front of the name)..
Make sure the core mod is loaded before any optional patches.



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