Dream home Basement V1.0

Dream home Basement V1.0

I’ve added a basement level to the Dreamhome on Nesoi,
The basic layout was taken from the Lodge’s basement and then expanded slightly,

The Basement features all of the mission consoles, a traders kiosk, vending machines and all the workbenches.

The idea behind this was a lore one for my personal starfield experience, I’ve got 2 playthroughs, one with a Male Bounty Hunter and one with a Female Medic, I imagined them sharing this house and utilising the basement as as secure facility and their own little hideout.
The first section of the basement features defences to keep out prying eyes and then the rest of facility allows them to stay and work down here for long periods of time and then go out on their next adventure.

Eventually I plan to build the dreamhome upstairs with the CK and have a complete version of both the basement and dreamhome combined, but for now I’ve started with just the basement level.

The door to the basement is opposite the front door as you go inside, you can’t miss it,
The only changes currently to the dreamhome itself is the new door and slightly moving the decoration button to the right. I’ve tested this on an existing safe where I’d already built options in the dreamhome and it was fine, but as with any mod your own mileage may vary.

this was built for myself for my own game but I decided I wanted to share it, feel free to edit it however you like 🙂

just a note the security bot has occasionally followed me upstairs and transitioned into the main home cell, but he seems to go home when you leave for a bit!!

(Update, the Basement has been updated to include an outpost decorator so that you can customise it further, Thank you for MightyLink for guiding me on getting this working)

I’ve also uploaded an lesser furnished version as requested so that you have more of a blank canvas.

(lastly the original ESP version is here for those who want to eidt it this in the creation kit, but please don’t use this as an active file if you are just interested in the basement itself, use the new main ESM version and the ingame decorator, the ESP is purely for CK use)



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