Dream Home – Furnished V1.0

Dream Home - Furnished

Fully furnished version of the Dream Home, including a basement addition. Finally the Dream Home lives up to its name!
This mod only touches the interior of the Dream Home. I may modify the exterior in the future as well and add it as optional file!

To unlock the Dream Home you must have the Dream Home trait.
If you find any issues or have suggestions, please let me know!

It is not possible to move or remove any of the placed furniture and decorations.

Lots of static decorations.
Multiple Display Shelf’s to place decorations in.
6 Bookcases in the office to store books in.
Working fridge in the kitchen for storing all your ingredients and food.
Working stove in the kitchen to use all those ingredients to make even more food!
A secure vault (with a cool vault door!) that houses ample storage for items, Spacesuits and weapons.
Keycard for the vault is on the kitchen counter.
8 Mannequins for Spacesuits/Clothing (2 more in the bedroom!)
12 Weapon Racks
3 Heavy Weapon Cases
4 Pistol Cases
3 Rifle Cases
6 Storage Crates each with 1000 capacity

A workshop in the basement with all workbenches.
Lots of markers for your companions to engage in activities around the house.

Before you install this mod, make sure you remove all placed objects and clear any inventories in the house!
Either install with your favorite Mod Manager or simply drop the files in Starfield/Data.
If you install manually, remember to activate the .esm in the Creations menu in-game under Load Order
If you have issues with furniture being in the wrong place, try to go to Venus and just wait for 24 hours there (which is like 2000 something hours in UT). Then go back to the house, this should have reset furniture positions.

Updating the Mod
Updates usually don’t touch any of the storage containers and objects, but to be on the safe side I recommend removing all items from any storage containers and objects, leaving the area and then update the mod to avoid any issues.
To make the emptying less of a problem, enable godmode via the command tgm in the console (to open the console hit the tilde key, or ö on German keyboards. No idea what the key for other languages is) This removes any weight limit. To disable it, just type tgm again or reload.

Not compatible with any mod that modifies the interior of the Dream Home.
Nothing else got touched by this mod.



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