Item Displays Enhanced V1.0

Item Displays Enhanced V1.0

Vanilla 3×3 shelf is limited to only allowing you to store small miscellaneous items, yet there are several small miscellaneous items in the game that are categorised as ‘medium’ which means you would need to use a larger display cabinet.
I am a collector and like to show off my prizes, so decided to create a modifed 3×3 shelf that allows all miscellaneous items, including apparel, yes that means I can use it to display my lovely hat collection as well!
Use it with some common sense, obviously the larger items will clip into each other, this is a side effect, as just stated, use common sense!
This mod is standalone, it adds new objects, ie does not replace or override any existing/vanilla items, and therefore should not conflict with any other mod.

Plugins.txt Enabler is required, and has very specific instructions in the description there on its own requirements, and how to use itself. If you don’t know how to install and use ESM files, I suggest reading those instructions.

Use a Mod manager. If not, then please see requirements above.

Starfield does not officially support loading custom ESP/ESL/ESM plugin files. Files created outside of Bethesda’s editor may be broken in subtle ways. Use with caution, and remember to make a BACKUP of your save file prior to use of this mod.



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