Leveled Mission Board Rewards V1.1

Leveled Mission Board Rewards V1.1

Rewards from radiant quests become worthless later in the game as they don’t scale.
This mod makes the monetary rewards from mission boards leveled.
Progression of leveled gold follows vanilla quest reward progression.
Compatible with mods that alter bounty quests.

“I Dont Get Paid Enough To Do This”
In vanilla, the rewards from mission board quests are static. This means that the player quickly outlevels the payouts from these generic missions. While most quests in starfield offer tiered rewards for completion, the mission board quests curiously don’t. This mod changes the mission board rewards so that they scale like other quests. Progression follows vanilla quest credit reward progression: the thresholds for increased gold are level 7, 14, 21, 35, 48, 61, and 75. At each threshold, your credits reward goes up by a few hundred gold. For example, a generic kill quest has a default reward of 3200 gold. At level 7, it will now reward 3800 gold; at level 48, 7200 gold; and at the reward cap of level 75, 9000 gold.

Note that you have to complete old quests on your mission board to refresh the board with new quests. Any existing quests on your mission board will not have upgraded rewards, so you have to clear these quests to generate a new set of radiant missions with improved rewards.

Q: My mission board rewards are not leveled.
A: This mod will only begin scaling rewards after your next levelup. Existing quests on bounty boards will not be updated, so you need to complete those old quests to “refresh” the bounty board.

-Nukem Plugin.txt Enabler required, as usual
Archive Invalidation required, as usual
MO2 is currently recommended for easy installation, as manual and Vortex installations pose their own unique issues.
-Delete all ESP plugins because they are hacky plugins not made with proper tools. You should only have esms.
-Load this mod after any mods that might change mission rewards. If unsure, load this mod at the bottom of your load order.
-This mod only edits mission reward globals and does not touch any other vanilla records.

Plugin Name: Leveled Mission Rewards.esm

Install whenever. Uninstall has same risk as uninstalling any esm.



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