New Atlantis – Mercury Tower Furnished V1.3

New Atlantis - Mercury Tower Furnished

This is my take on the penthouse you get from finishing the UC Vanguard questline, tried to make it as boujie as possible and im actually proud of it considering it was my first time using Creation Kit properly.

All workshops included, cooking station is the pan on the stove and chemistry station is sink in the main bathroom.
Now I’m not sure how it will work on running games (it seems to be fine?) but definitely remember to clear out the apartment before you install.

Download the mod.
Extract the contents to your data directory in Starfield root folder OR Install it through your favourite mod manager.
Enable the mod through your preferred mod manager or in the CREATIONS menu in the game.

Use this if you have problems with the main version (for example if you update from previous version and something weird happens)



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