Resource Organizing – Signs Bins Crates Pallets Mass Storage V1.0

Resource Organizing - Signs Bins Crates Pallets Mass Storage V1.0

These new items are on the DISPLAYS build menu category. There are 4 rows with variations chosen with left-right arrows.
The first item in the list is a large text object describing what items are in that row, since icons cannot be added yet.

The signs are using the whiteboard lettering objects included in the game assets.
This is the only set of letters that have lower case.

All 47 Inorganic Resources. Iron, Aluminum, etc.
7 Organic resources
6 Manufactured resources
8 General categories. Weapons, Suits, Misc…

The first row of signs is for mounting on a wall, crate, pallet, etc.
There is also a floor mount to adapt the sign to most horizontal surfaces.

The second row of signs are mounted on a post.
These can be placed near a large array of storage containers.
Unfortunately, the standard storage containers for solid, liquid, gas, etc will not allow anything to be attached to them.
The signs cost 1 Aluminum, 1 Iron to build.

Bins, Crates and Pallets:
The open top bins allow you to drop resources from your inventory, grab them and place them inside.
This is technically the most efficient way to store resources but it is the most time consuming.
There are 6 open top bins, including a mining cart.

The crates are all containers with high capacity. The description shows the capacity.
The workshops and outpost build system will pull from all of the crates, but you cannot connect any of the crates to the manufacturing system.
Some of the crates like barrels and tanks will only hold liquid or gas. All other crates will hold anything.
There are 25 containers.

The 6 pallets are for stacking mass quantity items described in the next section.

These items cost 1 Aluminum, 1 Iron to build.

Mass Storage:
The mass storage items will build large Ingots, tanks and bundles of resources.

Each item requires 500 of the resource to build.
Later, when you need the resource, simply delete the item from the build mode and it will be added back to ship cargo.
It will overfill ship cargo if needed.

When you build these mass storage items it will pull from all of your
outpost storage containers first, then ship cargo, then your inventory.
This is the fastest way to “harvest” an outpost.
Simply land, get up and go to an empty cargo hab.
Build mass storage items and it will be pulled from your outpost containers. No transfer container needed.

Then, before you sell it or deliver to a shipyard, go to your cargo hab and delete the items. The material will be sent to
the cargo hold.
Correction: After further testing I found that it DOES NOT pull from an outpost’s containers when you are in your ship. It seemed to at my main base but I must have been mistaken. What does work is that when you land at an outpost you are near the beacon. Just open the build menu and build some
mass storage items. Then delete them. The material will be sent to your cargo hold so you don’t have to go to the containers and move them into your ship.

It also looks really great in your cargo hold.

Added Note: When stacking the Ingots it can be hard to get them close to each other.
One solution is to rotate them opposite from each other and interleave them. It seems like one side of the model has a slightly larger bounding box?
These models were made by Bethesda so I have no control over them. They are located in the Meshes01.ba2 archive, path: meshes/setdressing/ingots/
Nothing looks unusual in NifSkope, but then again today is the first time I used NifSkope…

Decorative Items:
2 Concrete Pads to make a flat surface for pallets and crates.
A Ladder to reach the high stacks of materials.
A pallet jack and some other decorations.
These items cost 1 Aluminum, 1 Iron to build.

The mod is a small master ESM. No archives, all assets are standard. No dependencies.
No base records were altered so this mod should not conflict with other mods.
I added these to the Displays category because there are a lot of mods adding to the Decorations category already.
None of the containers have infinite storage.
Not all of the resources have signs made. I may add more later if requested.
The models for all of the Ingots were already in the Starfield archive but must have been unused. The Vytinium is really wild looking. It’s the Wavy Gravy of minerals.



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