Seizure Of Ships – Take Over Restricted Ships V1.0

Seizure Of Ships - Take Over Restricted Ships V1.0

Have you ever come across a unique or interesting looking ship, but for some reason you’re unable to take it over for yourself? Or maybe you’ve picked the Wanted trait, had bounty hunters land nearby and ambush you, only for you to be unable to steal their ship after taking them out? If so, then you’re in the right place.

This mod removes the restriction on ships’ pilot seats, so that you are no longer blocked from commandeering them. The one exception to this is, unfortunately, the UC Vigilance, as it doesn’t function as a “traditional ship” to begin with and taking it over breaks the game in a variety of ways, so this one remains off limits, but everything else is, in theory, fair game. As long as the ship has a cockpit and a pilot seat, you can (probably) take it over right away and add it to your fleet to fly, upgrade and customize like any other ship. In case there is a hostile crew on board, you will have to take it out first.

Upon sitting in the pilot seat of such a ship for the first time, you will still receive the message that you are not authorized to fly it. This is intentional and you should consider this your “save your game now just in case” warning, if by chance your new vessel ends up breaking the game. Be sure to commandeer responsibly!


1. If you haven’t already set up loose files modding, navigate to Documents\My Games\Starfield and create a StarfieldCustom.ini, if you don’t already have it.
2. Add the following lines to StarfieldCustom.ini:


3. Install with a mod manager like Vortex or MO2. Please save yourself the headaches and don’t install mods manually.

Safe to install/uninstall at any time. Already affected ships will remain unrestricted after uninstalling, but any ships encountered in the future will revert to the vanilla behaviour.


Bethesda for Starfield
ElminsterAU for xEdit
Orvid for Champollion and Caprica

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