The Unity Awaits V1.0

The Unity Awaits V1.0

Started NG+ and restarted the main mission? Regret doing that? The Unity Awaits

Game bugging out for some reason? The Unity Awaits

Or just want to Start again? The Unity Awaits you

Found on planet that the very first artifact was found (not Vectera) Close to the Cydonia landing pad, head towards the Firing range and on top of Hab number 9 is a simple crate containing all the Artifact to build the Armillary. Taking them will activate the mission to complete the armillary. Build it and Grav jump to a fresh start

If you have any issues finding it, when you exit your ship at Cydonia you are facing the entrance to Cydonia itself. Just turn left and go straight ahead and you will see Hab 09



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