Wonderous Weightlessness V1.0

Wonderous Weightlessness

Makes resources not take up any weight in your ship. Also comes with a different version that makes resources not take up any weight period.

You know what sucks? Mass. Weight. Gravity. I don’t like it, especially when it’s in my ship taking up space. I don’t like that. I hate it, in fact. It needs to go away. If my campy soft sci-fi post apocalyptic 50s retrofuturistic can have it so that resources in my workshops don’t take up weight then dammit, it should be the case here too.

So I coded it into existence. Simple enough. Yes this was made with the CK. Yes it’s out.

Items in your ship won’t take up weight.
Resources in your vessel won’t have any mass.
Objects in your vehicle possess no physical encumbrance.

There are TWO plugins here that you need to choose. One makes all resources weightless (and works retroactively) the other makes resources within your ship weightless. Choose one or the other. They DO technically work together, but it’s like… why would you put both on? Are you dumb?

The ship-only plugin is not retroactive, but if you take your resources out of your ship and put them back in, it’ll work.


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