Minimum System Level V1.0

Minimum System Level

Set a minimum level for star systems – all star systems below this are upscaled to this target level. All enemies and loot are spawned according to this new level. Eg begin the next NG+ in a level 50 version of Narion. Or eg set a minimum system level of 75 midgame in your current universe to have fun everywhere with your high level character.

Minimum System Level (MSL) is the sister mod of Minimum Enemy Level (MEL). In tandem they provide a gameplay experience where characters of every level – in NG+ or in their first universe – find level appropriate, rewarding challenge instead of outleveling content. Both have in common that they only upscale, no downscaling of enemies or systems. MSL scales whole systems, while MEL subtely works in the background, bringing lowby enemies up to par and allowing challenge even when your character outgrows level 75 systems. That being said, the mods work independently – you can mix and match them as you like (use both, use only one).

”The nitty, gritty…”

MSL allows you to manually set the minimum star system level in your current game. The star system level – in combination with the character level and specialized settings for select encounters – decides which level of enemies will spawn (and which loot is available). When you raise the star system level with MSL you will see higher level enemies and appropriate loot in formerly – for your character level – too low level system. These places instantly become interesting and challenging again.

You can bring the mod in midgame. To have it affect your current star system (where you load into the game) you have to leave that system once and return to have it load its new level for all things spawning in it.

The now higher level system will draw different enemy classes from the leveled NPC spawn tables. This means that these enemies will not only be higher level, but also can be different enemy subtypes/classes (such that apear only on higher levels). This also means that they will grant you more xp and have better loot that they utilize as weapons and armor (and carry with them as extra loot on death). Chests found also draw better loot, based on the higher level.

”Choices, choices..”

MSL comes in five versions – choose one of them:

Minimum System Level Level 75 (all systems are level 75 worlds, good luck – you will need it)
Minimum System Level Level 60 (all systems below level 60 are upscaled to level 60, all other systems are unaffected)
Minimum System Level Level 50 (all systems below level 50 are upscaled to level 50, all other systems are unaffected)
Minimum System Level Level 40 (all systems below level 40 are upscaled to level 40, all other systems are unaffected)
Minimum System Level Level 30 (all systems below level 30 are upscaled to level 30, all other systems are unaffected)

How it was done
MSL is a pure .esm mod, made with xEdit. It assigns new levels to the star system entries (inlcuding their hidden possible upper range values).

You can use the mod right away, midgame. It cannot hurt to make a manual save beforehand though to return to in case of problems anyway (should be good standard practice).

First make sure to enable Archive Invalidation
Then please install Plugins Enabler (and therewith also SFSE and Address Library for SFSE)
Download the mod, unzip it and place the .esm file of your choice into your game’s data folder
In your plugins.txt file please add the correct line, eg: *Minimum System Level 75.esm (preferably at the end, so the changes are not accidentally overwritten by other mods)



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