Bard’s Outpost Crew Command V0.3

Bard's Outpost Crew Command

Transform your Outpost from a passive settlement into a bustling hub of activity with Bard’s Outpost Crew Command! This mod was created to empower you with the ability to assign meaningful tasks to your crew and watch as your outpost thrives.

Key Features:
– Roles assignment: In this initial version, assign manually or automatically one of the following two roles:
- Cleanup Crew: Picks up fallen weapons, cleans up dead bodies, collects flora resources, removes trees, rocks and bushes.
- Patrols: Either move following the special RUGS you can deploy by yourself or use the automatic (experimental) path around your Outpost, weapons drawn and ready to defend it.
– Interactive Crew Management: Directly interact with your colonists to assign tasks, access their inventory, and configure roles. Customize these interactions in the kiosk for a tailored management experience.
– Automated Role Distribution: Set the roles between the Cleanup Crew and Patrols automatically with ratios of **70%-30%**, **50%-50%**, or **30%-70%**, defaulting to **70% Cleanup Crew**.
– Adaptive Task Switching: Idle Cleanup Crew members will automatically start patrolling if there’s nothing to collect, and resume collecting when new items appear.
– Non-Damaging Cutter: Collectors are equipped with a special cutter that helps them clean up without causing any damage. They’ll switch to their default weapons during combat and revert to cutters once the danger has passed.
– Combat Cleanup: After combat, the kiosk automatically searches for new dropped weapons and bodies to clean up.
– Fast Travel Cleanup: Upon fast traveling back to the outpost, the kiosk initiates a search for items to clean up.

Installation Guide:
1. Download Bard’s Outpost Crew Command using your favorite mod manager.
2. Activate the mod in your game’s load order.
3. Place the kiosk in your outpost and access it to configure the roles and settings. Choose between **automatic or manual setup** for role distribution. If not initialized, the kiosk will remain inactive.
4. The kiosk also allows you to enable or disable direct interaction with colonists, providing a more streamlined experience based on your preferences.

– Designed to work seamlessly with the majority of mods, especially Bard’s Outpost Recruitment Beacon mod.

Known Issues:
– Intermittent Movement Bug: Occasionally, after loading a save game at an outpost, colonists may stand still while performing their tasks. They will still carry out their duties but won’t be able to move. This can be resolved by fast traveling away and returning. I am actively working on a fix for this issue.

Future Development:
– New Crew Roles: I am working on introducing new roles such as Repairmen, Medics, and Crafters to further enhance your outpost’s capabilities.
– I am dedicated to regular updates, expanding roles, and refining features based on your feedback.
– This is the initial version of this mod and there are lot’s of small details to polish, which I will be working on as I add new roles.



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