Catwalks V0.3

Catwalks V0.2

Because snapping stuff to snap stuff with snapping stuff is phun Kidz.

-4 Standalone airlocks without stairs and with/without foundations and snap points for catwalks
-1-4 way snapping catwalks and it is only a bit of a nightmare to get them in the right position
-large-small matching, snapping stairs
-Npc pathing works, even after a more then 10 seconds long test (15 sec)
-see pictures for picture

The year is 2330. The whole universe uses catwalks to connect things. The whole universe? No, a freaking spacewizard refuses to snap stuff with snapping stuff. Untill the now. Snapping might never be the same *intense music begins to play, an AT-AT is dancing in the background. 5 seconds later -> he has bouncing boobs now, thx to the almighty modding community*

How it works:
-Everything is found in the build menu, Structures.
-everything costs only credits to build
-the mod is called “Catwalks”. Chances are high that you will not find any new laser weapons
-Never again shal be a need for one to walk more than 5 meters in this ol dirt on a moon
-for US-Americans: 5 meters equals ~ 3,94 Lincoln Freedom jumps
-wait for another modder to add bouncing physics to these catwalks
-give the modding community a bit more time
-Have your character impregnated from a catwalk
-give birth to a shiny ladder
-catwalks, the freaking mod is about catwalks. Why the hell did you even read this? Build catwalks to have catwalks.

put the .esm into your Main/MoreMain/EvenMoreMain/HellYaThatsAMain/Starfield/Data directory.
Write the name of the .esm into your plugins.txt
It’s not that I forgot how I named the .esm. while writing these lines. I swear.

.esm are experimental. That’s it. Nothing more. Netflix will probably buy a script about it. “.esm, the experimental experiment”. 240 min playtime. Can’t wait to watch it.

Known “bugs”:
-no menu icons. Cant do much about it. Na, just kidding, I prefer mysterious symbolism in my build menu. What could this exclamation mark mean? Very exciting.
-placing the catwalks can be a “bit” “fiddly”. Much fun with the constant urge to enjoy a mental breakdown while placing these



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