Mechanized Assault Gear V2.1b

Mechanized Assault Gear V2.1

Standalone spacesuit with outfit and neuroamp to go along with that. Female only currently. Has legendary effects.

Type help mechassault to console window ingame and then player.additem . Below are the IDs, but the first two digits depend on your load order, so use the help command to get that.

xx444440 Spacesuit
xx444441 Helmet
xx444442 Backpack

xx444443 Neuroamp
xx444444 Outfit

Use any nude body texture mod, as shown in pictures, to remove the vanilla underwear, for example: CRT – Skins. Tattoos in shots are from different mod – Tattoo.exe (personal edits, which I cannot upload)

Make sure your body size is set to 0 at Enhance! Partial morphs included so fits main companions just fine, but can’t fit to sturdier models.

Mechanized Assault Gear V2.1

Work in progress. Male version coming in the future.


Drop the files from the .zip to your correct data folders.

Make sure that your StarfieldCustom.ini has the lines:

Install Plugins.txt Enabler and add *MechAssault.esm to your plugins.txt.


Kryo Zet

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