Tattoo.exe full body edition V1.0

Tattoo.exe full body edition V1.0

Is your skin naked!? You need some ink! especially to go along with all those shirt mods and i got you covered, choom.

This goes out to all that have been commenting. Enjoy!

v1 FULL BODY VERSION: torso, hands and face covered in tattoos.. there is 8 different face tattoos all of them blend with the body.
v1 LITE VERSION: only face tattoos. there is 13 different variations.

tattoos visible in first person.

face body and hands ai upscaled to 2k
Mod works for both Male and Female.
i didn’t put pics of all the face variations so send in your cool screenshots!

How to install

1.) download and install StarfieldCustom.ini
(skip this step if you already have a StarfieldCustom.ini in your “Documents\My Games\Starfield”)

2.) Put the data folder from this mod into “Documents\My Games\Starfield”



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