Stop Staring at Me – Less NPC Headtracking V1.1

Stop Staring at Me - Less NPC Headtracking V1.1

Prevents NPCs from staring at you unless you’re realistically close to them. Simple bat file and INI tweak that is safe to use and remove at any time. Does not affect achievements.

Maybe you’re RP-ing as the sexiest human in the universe — you’re so hot that every person in town breaks their neck to get a look at you when you enter any room! *whistles* — but I like to feel like I blend into the world, so this is one of the first things I tweak in Skyrim, Fallout, and now Starfield when I play.

For now this is two batch files you can use to alter the setting, or revert it to vanilla. It’s recommended to add the batch files to your startup console commands in the StarfieldCustom.INI so that the setting does not revert when you reload the game.

In the future when ESP plugins are safe a batch file will no longer be required.

Walking through a crowded place like Neon, the effect will be immediately noticeable.


Extract the the .txt files into your game install directory (i.e. steamapps\common\Starfield).
Add the following to your StarfieldCustom.ini in \My Games\Starfield\ (if the file doesn’t exist, create it using notepad but make sure the extension is visible and that it’s a .INI file, not a .txt file!)

sStartingConsoleCommand=bat stopstaring

If you are running multiple batch file mods you can string them together using the semicolon, like so:

sStartingConsoleCommand=bat stopstaring; bat CloserFollowers; bat everythingasplode

Or better yet, you can just consolidate all your batch mods into a single file like ConsoleCommands.txt and just load one!

To return the value to vanilla settings, use the console and type bat startstaring

NOTE: Make sure you don’t have multiple [General] headings in your StarfieldCustom.ini or the values won’t all load.

Alternately if you’re more advanced you can just use the console and type the following:

setgs fAIMaxHeadTrackDistanceFromPC 5

Fantastic folks in the comments say that a values of 5 to 10 have worked for them for cutscenes and things, so just edit the .txt files with your desired value. What’s cool is that when you change this value in-game using the console, the NPCs will immediately respond, so you can test it to get exactly what you like without needing to reload the game.

For reference, the vanilla value is 30.


Just delete the two .txt files. When the game is reloaded the vanilla values will refresh.



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