Quasar Career Solutions – A Background Overhaul V1.0

Quasar Career Solutions - A Background Overhaul V1.0

Quasar Career Solutions is a Background overhaul that includes starting skill changes, added buffs, and new Backgrounds. Several file options are provided for easy customization.

Quasar Career Solutions
A Background Overhaul
Careers shine brightest with QCS!

Most of the Background Starting Skills in Starfield don’t align to what would make sense when their descriptions, dialogue lines/options, and realist knowledge a person would obtain from working within a specific Background are taken into account. For example, there is a Bouncer and Industrialist who can pick locks, a Sculptor who is a healer, a Xenobiologist who doesn’t research, etc. Quasar Career Solutions aims to correct this by providing Starting Skills that are more relevant to each Background.

That addresses Starting Skills but beyond those, Backgrounds fail to have much impact besides occasional dialogue lines/options. They mostly affect how the first few skill points are allotted and become irrelevant after a few hours of gameplay/player levels. Quasar Career Solutions encourages players to play within their chosen Background by adding Buffs to each; which provide specific incentives for players to stay within that role…

…each Buff is relevant to the knowledge a person within a specific Background would naturally have
…Buffs are varied in strength based upon each individual Background’s experience/knowledge; however, they have a cap of 25%
…some Buffs are tied to specific conditions. For example, Heavy Arms only gets the increased weapon damage from heavy guns.

Finally, new Backgrounds are provided. Rather than adding to the basic vanilla Backgrounds, I felt the game lacked any specialized Backgrounds that provide a “leg up” from the vanilla options due to their specializations; thus, all the new Backgrounds are a “specialist” in some manner. Players that stick to their Background role will have an advantage, since these roles pull knowledge from their special skill sets…

…each new Background includes a higher tier Starting Skill as one of their Skills.
…each new Background includes 4 Buffs vs the standard 3.
…current categories provided are: Combat Backgrounds

Quasar Career Solutions is compatible with…

…any mod that does not alter vanilla Backgrounds.
…any mod that adds new Backgrounds.
Ultimately, refer to xEdit to determine if a mod is compatible or not.

Not Compatible
The following mods are not compatible:

Better Backgrounds
More Background Skills


Install using a mod manger
Currently, Plugins.txt Enabler is required
Recommended to start a new game. Swapping out Skills on a current character will likely produce oddities and/or issues.
Until LOOT becomes available for Starfield, the only recommendation for sorting the plugins are to match them to the mod installation order. This is the game’s default behavior and should lead to the fewest issues; however, there also shouldn’t be any conflicts when use correctly.

Main File
Full Version
The Main File is the only true, full version of QCS. This version includes the Starting Skill changes, Buffs, as well as, incorporates all new Backgrounds.

Optional Files
Combat Backgrounds
This version includes the Starting Skill changes and Buffs for the new Combat Backgrounds. No vanilla Backgrounds included. Each of these Backgrounds are, currently, ‘specialized’ variants of the Soldier Background. Compatible with other Background overhauls.

Vanilla Backgrounds
This version includes the Starting Skill changes and Buffs for only the vanilla Backgrounds. No new Backgrounds included.

Skills Only Versions
These versions only include Starting Skill changes. No Buffs included. Since QCS makes no changes to some Starting Skills, the following Backgrounds are excluded from the Skills Only versions: Bounty Hunter, Diplomat, Soldier, [FILE NOT FOUND]

Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some anticipated FAQs:

Q: Isn’t 20-25% of a Buff too high?
A: I understand some my think 20-25% is too high of a buff; however, the game does the same thing for various skills. For example, Dueling adds +25% Melee Damage. With QCS, the highest any of the Buffs can achieve with other Skills via leveling is ~+87% for Health Restore from Food.

Q: Where do the basis of these changes come from?
A: As hinted to in the opening description, the research for the changes made by QCS are mainly from the Background descriptions and dialogue lines/options. There is some real-world interpretations and assumptions here and there. However, the descriptions and dialogue mostly provided a good picture of what each Background was designed as by Bethesda. When reading the changes descriptions, these were the references used. Keep in mind QCS is, currently, limited by what the game already provides; therefore, nothing is outside the scope of the vanilla mechanics.

Q: Will you make a [Background Name] Background?
A: I am open to suggestions, but I will only add new Backgrounds that I consider to be logical and would make an impact from adding it.



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