Displates in spaaaace V1.0

Displates in spaaaace V1.0

Replaces some outpost decos with my personal screens from Fallout 4!

Here’s just a little thing I edited from InquisitorOverhaulsReturn and his outpost decorations mod.

You will need his file, this is just a texture replacer. It contains 12 screenshots taken by yours truly, of my girls in fallout 4. I doubt many people will use it but, I thought it was neat and wanted to share.

1)Install the required outpost decorations mod linked above. (click where it says here.)
2) Drag the contents to your data folder as usual, overwriting the original 12 textures from the required mod.
3) Boot up and enjoy plastering my girl’s faces (Danse too I guess) all over your outposts lol.



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7z Displates in SPACE-1 10 MB
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