Cydonia Executive Suite V1.0.1

Cydonia Executive Suite

Adds a player home to Cydonia. Can be bought, if you are a UC Citizen.

When Deimos was a newer shipbuilder, they had a suite for their VIPs underneath their offices.
But now, it is disused and empty, so has been put up for sale, using a kiosk outside of the door.
Adds a player home in Cydonia, underneath the Deimos offices. Since Cydonia is part of the United Colonies, you must be a citizen to purchase it. Costs 100k credits.
Has a main living area with kitchen, balcony over the mines, bedroom, a weapons vault, and a bathroom, along with a closet.
The living room and bedroom have light switches, and the window has shutters that may be opened or closed.
Underneath, there is an escape hatch for the home’s resident to make a quick getaway.



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