TGs Buildable Player Homes V1.0

TGs Buildable Player Homes V1.0

This mod allows you to construct a player home anywhere! I’ve added two new player homes to the structure category of the outpost building system. The buildings are sealed, come with ATMO, lights, and are fully collisioned!

Bring the comfort of home anywhere you go!

Are you tired of the weird egg boxes you are forced to live in? Feel like canned corned beef trapped in a hermetically sealed container? I aim to fix that!

This is the first of many mods I have planned “depending on how well received it is” That will bring new buildings and flare to the outpost building system!! Starting this mod series with two “Akila Styled” homes.

With this mod you can craft a full-sized player home at any outpost using the build menu.

The buildings will be located under the structures category.

Each building is environmentally sealed, so you can build it anywhere and live comfortably!

The buildings also come with doors and lights and there are craftable streetlights and ceiling lights for extra lighting.

I painfully handcrafted these lovely homes for you <3 Note: The vanilla game itself has an issue with lighting it seems. If you place the building and some of the lights fail it is not my mod it is the game, you can fix that by adding lights to that area with the place-able lights I included.

Also, the street lights sometimes fail to load their lights as well, you can fix that by simply re-selecting them until the lights come back.

Do this / After watching that video you’ll need (Plugins-Enabler). go here and read the description and do exactly what it says there and you should be fine.
Installation Guide

If you installed the mod and do not see the mod in the workbench you did not install this mod properly, please do not post in my comments about it, please look up a tutorial on how to install mods with ESM files. I am tired of responding to this several times a day.


Use Vortex: “I’ve heard people have had issues with Vortex lately / if you don’t use Vortex use mod manager. ”

If a mod has an ESM file you will need to enable the ESM otherwise the drag-and-drop method will not work.
If Vortex doesn’t work, drag and drop all of the files in the data folder into your Documents/Mygames/Starfield/ or steamapps/common/starfield/data. And then be sure to activate/enable the ESM

If you placed the files in your root folder and it is still not showing up try placing them in your documents file location.

If you are still having issues I recommend following it up with a plugin enabler “If you are manually installing” a plugin enabler will be mandatory. If you do not enable the ESM the mod will not show up.

(plugin enabler)

If you use the mod from the link above be sure to follow the directions included on that mods page.

Don’t forget to keep everything updated and enable your custom.ini <-- if you do not know what that is, I 100% encourage you to look it up and look up a few introductions "how to install starfield mods" tutorials to help you better understand what you are doing, this is important because not knowing what you are doing you could break your game. If the model doesn't show up in-game, more than likely: You've updated your game or custom folder and it's changed its ability to load mods Baka whatever updated or any of the other major game-changing experimental mods that rewrite major system functions have updated. The installation location or method of installation is incorrect. The mod is missing packed files. "If you open the folder and see that all of the files are there then you can rule this out." The ESM failed to activate. You have not enabled your custom.ini You have not placed Plugin Enabler in the correct file location You are not running the game with the SFSE exe and instead are launching it with steams exe. Or many many many other problems, as I always say. It's good to look up tutorials on how to mod games first. Lastly: if you notice that everyone else has the mod in particular working and you do not, then there is a 99% chance it is likely the way you are trying to install the mod and not the fault of the mod you are trying to install. "Showing up and exclaiming a mod is broken because you don't see it, despite the vast majority of other people seeing it, is a bit disingenuous and misinformed." Don't take this as an anti-asking question mission, questions and confusion are natural and normal and there is nothing wrong with asking for clarification. There is just a big difference between asking a question about something versus blaming a mod outright for your confusion. Credits:


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