Sit (And Wait) Anywhere V1.0

Sit (And Wait) Anywhere V1.0

I really enjoyed Mors Sit Anywhere for Fallout 4, so decided to figure out how to do something similar for Starfield.

Heavily based on Mors Sit Anywhere (and wait) for Fallout 4, this mod allows you to select a sitting pose via a menu. You can also do some push-ups if you like!


You will need to use the console in order to activate the menu. I suggest using Starfield Hotkeys to set a hotkey for the menu (or set several hotkeys for the poses you use most often).

This will show you the FormID of the quest where the script is used. It will be xx000801, with xx being the load order.
FindForm AUR_SitAnywhereHandler

Then use the following commands (or set hotkeys for them)
cqf xx000801 “AUR:SitAnywhere.ShowSitChoices” -1 ; Shows the menu
cqf xx000801 “AUR:SitAnywhere.ShowSitChoices” 0 ; Sit (Leg Extended)
cqf xx000801 “AUR:SitAnywhere.ShowSitChoices” 1 ; Sit (Knees Up)
cqf xx000801 “AUR:SitAnywhere.ShowSitChoices” 2 ; Kneel (Captive)
cqf xx000801 “AUR:SitAnywhere.ShowSitChoices” 3 ; Kneel (One Leg)
cqf xx000801 “AUR:SitAnywhere.ShowSitChoices” 4 ; Kneel (Praying)
cqf xx000801 “AUR:SitAnywhere.ShowSitChoices” 5 ; PushUps

I will not include installation instructions. This mod is no different than any other you may have already installed. If you do not know how to install mods for Starfield, I suggest looking for one of the many guides online for how to setup Starfield for modding. Teach a man to fish and all that.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler



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