Add spaceship to your fleet V1.0.2

Add spaceship to your fleet V1.0.2

This mod aim to add captured spaceship into your fleet without the need to make it your home ship.

It will add an option on the pilot seat of the captured spaceship.

The option will only appear if all vanilla conditions to pilot the spaceship are met.

This mod basically does the exact same work than Sit To Add Ship to Fleet

Why did I create a new mod?
First wSkeever stopped the support for his mod
Second, I was annoyed with the messagebox each time I sat on a ship wich is not in my fleet
Third, I wanted an equivalent made with Creation Kit
And the last one, a friend of mine wanted this feature on Xbox so I did it for him, but I give all the credits to wSeeker

As you can see, this mod was inspired by Sit To Add Ship to Fleet, but was entirely made from scratch, nothing from the other mod was used in this mod.

This mod shouldn’t conflict with any other mod, it is 100% scripted and don’t use any assets used by other mods.

This mod should be safe to remove on existing game, but it’s not recommended, do it at your own risk.



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