Flight Displays Retextures V1.0

Flight Displays Retextures V1.0

Retextures the flight displays from all manufacturers to display systems ‘information’ in real-world colours.

As a pilot, I’d be really upset if someone put me in a cockpit where all the flight screens displayed systems status in the same colour. The rational behind the colours used in a flight display (LCD or steam) is that green = OK, amber = keep an eye on it, red = do something about the problem NOW!!! and any other colour is information. You develop a scan pattern of your instruments with a mental image of what is right and if something isn’t the expected colour, it grabs your attention immediately.

I have recoloured the systems information in an approximation of what should be displayed. I’ve also corrected a couple of spelling errors and removed (what to me) are some really egregious errors like the secondary flight display in a Taiyo cockpit being labelled as propellor controls (PROP CON). Most of the labels are taken from civilian cockpits but a couple appear to be from the Apollo command modules. Others are simply just made up. In places (like the Stroud-Eklund PFD) I have added more ‘information’ for immersion.

These changes cover the avionics screen, the targeting screen and the systems screen. I would have liked to change some of the others too but they are used in multiple other locations in the game. The screenshots should give you a good idea of the changes: unfortunately the colours in the Taiyo cockpit are a bit blown out.

There are six archives: one (‘cockpit screens all’) contains all five manufacturers. The other contain single manufacturers as shown in the titles. These will conflict with any other mods that have changed the textures in the \ships\interior\cockpitscreens folder or sub-folders. Install by either unzipping the archive into the Starfield main folder or by using Vortex.



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