Fly Any Unauthorized or Locked Ships V1.0

Fly Any Unauthorized or Locked Ships V1.0

A simple bat to unlock any ships pilot seat.

Install the Authorize Bat to your game folder.

Here is how to reenable the ships and claim them

Save Your Game: This step is important for avoiding potential issues like game breaking bugs.

Get near the pilot seat: Try and get as close to pilot seat that is inaccessible.

Access the Console: Press the “~” key to open the console interface in the game.

Select the Pilot Seat: Left-click on the pilot seat you want to interact with. Scroll if there are multiple seats. Look for a seat with the keyword tag “FURN.” Sometime if there are multiple FURN around then its a guessing game.

Enter a Command: Bat Authorize

Get Space Ship Ref: Should see a few commands pop with with one stating GetSpaceShip: “SHIP NAME” (REF ID)

Example Output: GetSpaceShip: LC082VigilanceShipRef (00257103) <--- This is the ref id ***Note: Some ships just wont have a name and will be “” for its name. It will still have a ref id.***
***If you get no output and only see GetSpaceship 00000014 then you did not select the correct pilot seat***

Set Ref Ship as Home: Type in the following command: TrySetPlayerHomeSpaceShip [Reference ID] (Replace [Reference ID] with the GetSpaceShip Ref ID output with the () )

Example Input: TrySetPlayerHomeSpaceShip 00257103

Leave the Console: Close the console by pressing “~” again.

Fly the ship and Enjoy!!!

If you DON’T want to use the bat method then just use the following commands on the pilot seat.

CallFunction”ObjectReference.BlockActivation” False False
GetSpaceship 00000014
TrySetPlayerHomeSpaceShip [SHIP REF ID]


Lokki Deathwish

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