Inflated Ship Cargo V1.0

Inflated Ship Cargo V1.0

This is my first mod for Starfield, and I thought to myself “What better place to start, than imitation?”

So with that in mind, I used TroyIrving’s “Infinite Ship Storage” mod as a base idea to kinda start teaching myself how to use SF1Edit.

The reason I did this is because TroyIrving’s mod uses an ESP (which apparently is bad) and I decided to make a similar mod that would be in ESM format. While I was at it, I decided to make 3 versions. TroyIrving’s mod was 500k cargo, which I’ve replicated. I also made a toned-down 100k cargo version, and a super-duper sized 1000k (1,000,000) cargo version. Y’know, because sometimes not only do you hoard everything on the ship, but sometimes you stick around in one universe for several hundred hours.

Another place that I deviated from TroyIrving’s mod was that I decided to include the NG+ ships. Took a bit of fiddling around, but I eventually figured it out. For those ships, since they’re uneditable in the ship builder, I decided to split their cargo 50/50 between shielded and unshielded. So the 100k version has 50k shielded and 50k unshielded, for example. Should affect all 6 versions of the ship, hopefully.

Unzip the downloaded file to your Starfield folder (where Starfield.exe is located)

Go to %localappdata%\Starfield and add the downloaded .esm file to your plugins.txt, I.E.:

Note: I did not use TroyIrving’s files, these are not edited. I made them from scratch, I only used his mod for inspiration.



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File File size
zip Ship Cargo 1000k-1-0 3 KB
zip Ship Cargo 100k-1-0 3 KB
zip Ship Cargo 500k-1-0 3 KB
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