LuxuryLines Habs V2.6

LuxuryLines Habs V2.6

This mod adds a completely clean and customizable empty hab with a decoration tag.
Unlike others mods you will not need to use the command console to decorate your ships, I have integrated a decoration beacon directly into the habitation.
You just have to go to the ship builder, choose the “LuxuryLines” habitatitations and enjoy.

There are 3 manufacturers represented by LuxuryLines at the moment: “Deimos”, “HopeTech” and “Stroud Eklund”
Hab sizes available are: 1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 2×3, 3×1 and 3×3
Add 3 new landing bay LuxuryLines

Each hab has its own decoration tag so it can be used alone
I advise you to use “Place Doors Yourself”, the two mods work well together
This mod adds habs, does not replace any and works independently.
Should be compatible with all mods

Your decorations will persist and you can change ships as much as you want.
The only thing that will remove your decorations is to modify your ship at the ship builder such as adding weapons or structures.
I advise you to first build your ship the way you want and finish with the decoration

I will add other sizes and other styles of habs, landing bays, cockpits, maybe touch on the lighting or the interior colors… but all that takes a lot of time and I’m on my own to do it so be patient. I’m still looking for a way to make the decorations permanent even by modifying the ship if anyone has a clue… I think we need to modify the shipbuilder script.

– Download and install Plugins.txt enabler
– Extract the files and place them into your starfield Mygames folder, where you put your other mods. It should look like My Games\Starfield\Data\LuxuryLines.esm
– add *LuxuryLines.esm to the plugins.txt file



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