Making Fewer Engines Enough V1.0.1

Making Fewer Engines Enough V1.0.1

Sometimes an intended aesthetic calls for fewer engines, or fewer additional engines to boost the capacity of your design’s more prominent main engines. This mod includes additional higher mass capacity versions of selected vanilla engines so fewer can be used without sacrificing ship performance. No vanilla engines are altered or replaced. I originally put this mod together for my own use, so as not to sacrifice ship performance while focusing on visuals when building heavier ships.

Added Engine       | Lookalike            
Amun XG-70         | Amun-1, etc
Amun Dunn XG-80    | Amun Dunn X-100, etc
Nova 1160          | Nova 10xx
Nova 1170          | Nova 10xx
Nova 1180          | Nova 10xx
Nova 1190          | Nova 10xx
SAGE-4440          | SA-4xx0
SAGE-4550          | SA-4xx0
SAGE-4660          | SA-4xx0
Supernova 4100     | Supernova 2xxx
White Dwarf 1100   | White Dwarf 10xx
White Dwarf 3100   | White Dwarf 30xx

The new engines will appear in Shipbuilder after reaching player level 36 and skill level 4 in Starship Design


  • Unzip the archive and put the file ending in “.esm” into your Starfield/Data folder, usually under Documents/My Games/Starfield/Data, or let your mod manager install the file.
  • Ensure that archive invalidation is enabled in your StarfieldCustom.ini (See below).
  • Add *[ModFileName].esm to your Plugins.txt file if you have the plugin.txt enabler. Ensure the mod’s file name is preceded by the asterisk [the *].
  • Install Baka Achievement Enabler and SFSE if you don’t want achievements disabled.

If you haven’t done so for another mod, this is what needs to go in your StarfieldCustom.ini:




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File File size
zip Making Fewer Engines Enough-1-0-1 3 KB
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