Retextured Ship Systems Screens V1.0

Retextured Ship Systems Screens V1.0

A retexturing of some of the ship systems screens to display system ‘information’ in colour. There are nine reworked texture sheets; Bethesda cut these sheets up and use pieces of them in many different places. Additionally, it appears that most of the system textures are actually a sort of reverse-alpha mask where white allows the background colour through, black blocks the background colour completely and grey partially blocks the background colour. The background colour itself varies from ship to ship and gets mixed with the colours I have used so some ships may have a bright green in one area but for others it is a dark green, even though it is cut from the same texture sheet. I have tried to avoid having my changes ‘jump out’ at you onscreen.

The screenshots do not display all of the changes. The mod is meant to be used with ‘Flight Screen Retextures‘ but it is not compulsory.

You can either install by unzipping the archive into Starfield’s main folder or by using Vortex. It will conflict with any mods that have files in the \Data\textures\ships\interior\ folder.



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