Ship Cleanup V1.0

Ship Cleanup V1.0

Cleaned up all the ships.

Every Manufacturer
Disabled havok on all items that are not static. Havok is released if you grab the item.
Removed all the dirt, scorch marks, scratches and other decals.
Removed all Foam Cups.
Removed all Foam Containers.
Removed empty beer bottles.
Removed empty Chunks wrappers.
Removed all empty Terrabrew coffee cups that don’t have a lid.
Removed all the lids.
Removed all paper trash, empty toilet paper rolls, napkins, just anything that looked “trashy”.
Replaced the FoundBeanbagChair01 with NPCChairLeather01.
Replaced FoundJumpseatChair01 with NPCChairOfficeMod02.
Replaced FoundHarnessCouch01 with NPCCouchLeather01.
Replaced FoundTreadCouch01 with NPCCouchNALobbyOffice01.
Yes, this includes all landing bays… plus everything I could find related to ship PKINs has been modified.

I used different colors for the leather chairs and couches. Taiyo mostly gets the red ones except the mess hall. They have the orange color you see at Nishina. HopeTech got blue.

Optional File: Taiyo Habs Expanded Cleanup
Place this file after the main file if you want to use it. You can use it on it’s own but it does not disable havok on any items. Plus it is missing some of the habs, so I’d advise using both.

Removed a ton of stuff from the 2×2 Berth. A bunch of clutter items and crates.
Replaced the “coffee table” made of pallets with a real table by the couch and chair.
This mostly just modifies the 2×2 berth.

I was really hoping to upload some nice pics but my game became corrupted and I haven’t been able to load a save with the Taiyo habs. Once I get to that point I will work on uploading more pics. The one pic I do have shows you most of the replaced furniture. And please, share some pics! Especially if you use modules from other manufacturers than Taiyo.

NOTE: Many of the habs have the same layouts and furniture so I did not load up every single hab and ship module in game to check furniture placement. I based everything off the Taiyo habs I use in game. I am doing this with SF1Edit, with no way to see what I’m actually doing and have to modify a value to move something, go in game to check it, and go from there. It’s a long and tedious process. So if you come across furniture or something that needs to be moved please tell me exactly which hab or module. A pic would be helpful too. And be kind. This was a TON of work without access to the Creation Kit.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler



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