Class M (and Starborn Guardian) Ship Building V1.4

TN's Class M Ship Building V1.0

This is the whole shebang. This mod unlocks Class M parts, balances their mass and hull, fixes errors in their entries, and fixes the snap points on the hull and structure objects! This is the one stop shop for making Class M ships in Starfield.

My class M mod does a number of things you will need in order to use Class M parts effectively. Unlike other mods where Class M parts are unlocked, you will not need any BAT files, and every setting that needs to be changed is included.

Unlocks Class M piloting at Rank 4 of piloting.
Unlocks the ability to purchase Class M parts with Piloting level 4, and Ship Command rank 1.
Increases the number of crew members unlocked by the Ship Command perk by x4.
The mass and hull of the various M Class habs and structure has been increased and balanced.
M Class engines are strong enough to handle the increased mass, AND add Landing gear strength, so you won’t need a metric buttload of landing gear for it.
Unlocked the M class particle weapons and made them functional on an M class ship (see screenshots).
M Class Cargo, Fuel, reactor, and grav drives have all been rebalanced for their M class roles.
The snap points on M class hab and structure pieces have been fixed so they will snap with other parts.
Global variables have been set (in case any other M class parts are added in, or added by other mods).
Game settings like the module limit and ship size restrictions have been vastly increased to accommodate the larger ship sizes.
…and many more small bug fixes along the way.

What the mod does NOT contain:
No new M class parts.
Camera fix for massive junk in the trunk not included.
Won’t make your computer stop crying in the ship builder. (These ships are gonna kill your FPS.)
Does NOT make the M class parts colorable if they were not already. (I don’t have the .nif know how to do that.)
Does NOT give M Class habs interiors, but you CAN use a trick to place normal habs inside of them as shown in the example pictures.

If you want to build interiors for your M class habs, there is a trick to it. You will need an INI setting, and to use the existing habs. I will have an article out showing how to do this, and hopefully a video here soon as well. You will at the very least need the following put into your StarfieldCustom.ini:


This setting will allow you to place normal habs inside of the M class hab modules. These M class habs have no interiors, but you can place other habs in the right locations, and these M class habs will allow doors to connect through them (you can see these locations on the habs in the ship builder).

Unzip the archive and put TNClassM.esm into your Starfield/Data folder (most likely under Documents/My Games/Starfield/Data), or let your mod manager install the file.
Ensure that archive invalidation is enabled in your StarfieldCustom.ini. (Look below if you don’t)
*TNClassM.esm to your Plugins.txt file if you have the plugin.txt enabler. (Ensure it has the * in front of it.)
Install Baka Achievement Enabler and SFSE if you don’t want achievements disabled.

If you haven’t already done it for another mod, this is what needs to go in your StarfieldCustom.ini:



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