WT Ship Decorator Done Right V0.1

WT Ship Decorator Done Right V0.1

Ship build module that enables decoration of the ship interior. It includes all categories that could possibly be useful on a ship. For best results, disable / remove any other panels.

WT Ship Decorator Module – done right
Attach this inconspicuous ship module anywhere, and decoration will be available from your scanner anywhere inside the ship. No console commands. No space-wasting panels – just open your scanner to decorate.

There should only ever be ONE decorator on a ship (or any area really).
Here at WorthlessTech, we are obsessed with doing things the manufacturer didn’t intend. Customizing ship modules is our bread and butter – we don’t shy away from things just because they are “unsupported;” we shy away from things when we know it is a bad idea.

(breaking the fourth wall)
Having multiple decorators on your ship is asking for trouble. Don’t do it. Mod authors: please stop including decorators in hab modules (unless you have properly configured the panel to only work within that specific hab. it can be done – see the panel on the Key or Neon Sleepcrate; but why? The ship doesn’t need separate workshop spaces)

Vanilla game avoids overlapping workshop activators
When there are multiple, the game seems to use whichever is closest to the scanner
Items made on different activators cannot interact or be moved / deleted from the wrong activator
Anecdotal reports of CTDs when there are more than two

Placing the decorator has traditionally been a problem mod authors do their best to solve by including them (since the vanilla activator is too limited and custom activators don’t have fixed formids, the console commands aren’t foolproof). More advanced folks place their own panels and disable the included ones.

Forget the panel.
(aaand we’re back)

We use a salvaged Scan Jammer chassis with a very very tiny internal micro-hab, containing a properly configured invisible Ship Decorator panel. (Please note: we are working on a similar solution for those who need to see the panel). Add this module, enter your ship, open the scanner and BE FREE.

Notes: This is brand new and not fully tested; however given that I keep seeing new mods with included decorator panels – because there hasn’t been one single good solution – I felt the need to release ASAP an hope it catches on. I for one am tired of running around disabling panels so mine will work. People must stop adding baked-in panels.

Install: Use Vortex or MO2. If you aren’t using plugins.txt management, add “*WTShipDecoratorModule.esm” to your Plugins.txt file. No dependencies; feel free to reference / use just give credit.



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