Compact Crafting UI V1.6

Compact Crafting UI V1.3

Modifies all crafting menus so more items can be seen at once. Increases viewable items by 120%. Now with optional dark mode.

– Increases viewable crafting menu items by 120%.
– Optional dark mode for visibility.

– FOMOD Install: Select desired options + mod manager in the installer.
– Make sure the “Large Menu Fonts” Accessibility option is disabled!
– Manual Install: Extract your desired Data folder into the Starfield game directory.
– Make sure this mod overwrites any mod changing the same files!
– Download the Basic StarfieldCustom.ini under miscellaneous files.
– Place StarfieldCustom.ini in “Documents/My Games/Starfield”
– If you already have a preexisting StarfieldCustom.ini add the following.




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