Dreaming Star – Main Menu – Pause Menu – Loading Screens – Magazines V3.0

Dreaming Star - Main Menu V1.2

Dreaming Star is a simple menu and pause screen background replacer that is lore friendly and appealing. More fun, theme -based optional-but-not-lore files that replace Artifact Visions with Dreaming Star depicted as dreaming and awakening as your game progresses. (Tested on 4k Displays 16:9 and 21:9, 1080p video, Works Well on Both)

Dreaming Star expresses the vastness of Starfield.
It is just a main menu video; however, it is a very nice start to the game.

Now, easier to install and new optional theme support!

Mod Manager added.

New option:

Added new theme-based option to make your pause screen like your menu: Dreaming Star.

New option:

Added new theme-based options to make your artifact visions like your menu: Dreaming Star.
(This is not lore-friendly) It is fun!

You can replace all your Artifact Visions except the final one with a thematic build from Dreaming Star to Awakened Star.

Easy to install!

Open up your Starfield game folder.

Go to:


Find file:


Rename that file (So you can change back to the stock menu video if you choose):


(Your PC will say the file is unstable. That is okay. Press enter to confirm. You can delete “BAK” that you added to the file to restore it.)

Unzip DreamingStar.zip and place the zipped file called “MainMenuLoop.bk2” to replace the original menu video you labelled “BAK” to save it. Place it in the same folder that you created a back up for it in.



Dreaming Star is derived from and inspired by @AI_EmeraldApple.

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