Expanded Powers Menu V1.1

Expanded Powers Menu V1.0

This mod enables players to select additional modded powers in addition to the vanilla Starborn powers

Spells must be added to the player by some means before they will show in the new list (via player.addspell, a quest, perks, scripting, or other means)

This mod is meant to be a dependency to enable players to select modded powers. Please see the Mod Author article for more details

This mod does not include any new powers itself

Adds an additional list in the Powers menu to select modded powers
Shows Starborn and modded power names (if they have one) with rank by default
Adds the favorite slot in brackets after Starborn and modded Power names
The Powers menu is accessible if the player has at least one modded power or Starborn power

Coming Soon:
Icons for modded powers should be shown above the power info section (far right) like Starborn powers. Custom icons currently show on the favorites menu but not above the info area
Favorite slot number will be an icon/badge instead of text added after the name
Settings and customization

Install via Vortex/MO2 (recommended)
Copy the files to Data/interface. You should have:

This mod supercedes Show Power Names and should not be used with it
It will conflict with any mod that changes:



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File File size
zip Expanded Powers Menu-1-1 43 MB
zip Expanded Powers Menu-1-0 43 MB
zip Example Abilities-0-1 207 KB
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