Faster Hold to Exit V1.0

Faster Hold to Exit V1.0

The default time to exit is 500 milliseconds. There is a 200 millisecond delay (from when you hold down the exit button), and another 300 millisecond wait for the button animation.

This changes both the delay and the wait down to 200 milliseconds total.



Mod Manager — Just install this how you normally would in your mod manager (MO2 or Vortex).
Manually — Drop the files into your root directory (where the Data files are located).

Use your mod manager to remove the installed files, or manually delete buttonclips.swf and buttonclips_lrg.swf from your Data\Interface\ directory.

Compatible with game version 1.11.36
Compatible with most interface mods provided they don’t touch the buttonclips.swf and buttonclips_lrg.swf interface files
It is fully compatible with StarUI Inventory
Undelayed Menus does a similar thing but it bundles that with a bunch of other changes and I can’t speak to how compatible they are with the current May 15th update (1.11.36). That mod also only changes it down to 400 milliseconds total – my change is 2x faster and minimal in file edits.



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