Fullscran – Whole Screen Scanner Highlighting V1.0

Fullscran - Whole Screen Scanner Highlighting V1.0

What It Does

This tweak causes scannable objects and resources to highlight anywhere on the screen, instead of only within the scanner circle. It removes some tedium when panning for loot or that last small crustacean. It does not, however, remove the actual circle visible on your HUD.

Install Instructions

Install either as a bat, or as an INI tweak.

Bat Installation:

First, either install the mod via Vortex, or download the Zip and extract fullscran.txt into your game’s base directory, next to Starfield.exe

Then, add the following lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in your My Games/Starfield folder:
(If StarfieldCustom.ini does not exist, create it.)
sStartingConsoleCommand=bat fullscran

INI installation:

If you prefer to have the tweak added directly to your StarfieldCustom.ini instead of using bat files, simply add the following lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini:

Recommended Mods:
Scanner Reworked alters the HUD to remove the scanner circle.
Blobseer increases only the resource vein view distance to its maximum, to aid with placing outposts.

The values I chose are arbitrary, untested, and probably gratuitous. Could
be that these changes break your game in terrible and unforseen ways. I
wouldn’t know it, anyways. Good luck!

Reverse the steps you took to install the tweak; by deleting
the lines you added to StarfieldCustom.ini.
There ought’nt be any adverse effects upon your save.



Download mod

File File size
zip Bat Mod - fullscran 263 B
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