Numbered Weapon and Armor Marks V1.0

Numbered Weapon and Armor Marks V1.0

Replaces weapon and armor quality names like “calibrated” “refined” and “advanced” to easier to understand names like “Mk2” “Mk3” and “Mk4”

When I played Starfield the first time, one thing I had a hard time keeping track of was what “quality” level a weapon I find is. Names like “calibrated” can easily be confused with the multitude of naming modifiers added by weapon mods or legendary effects. Or I’d look at an advanced gun and forget if “advanced” is top tier or not. Perhaps if I played a hundred more hours the naming convention might become second nature, but I quickly decided I’d much rather have names that are much easier to read at a glance that just outright tell me what quality tier a weapon is.

Base weapons will still lack a name modifier, but starting at quality 2, weapons and armor will say a mark number to signify what quality tier they are.

Mk2 = Calibrated
Mk3 = Refined
Mk4 = Advanced
Mk5 = Superior (Armor only. Weapons cap out at Quality 4)



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