Quick Trade V1.0.6

Quick Trade V1.0.6

Tedious menu browsing to simply trade? No more! Adds a new activation option to traders for your convenience…

Warning! Do not use this with the General World Interactor. QT is already integrated into GWI!

What this?

This modification adds a new activation menu option to traders all across the settled systems, for easy accesss trade convenience. No more endless browsing and clicking of artificially delayed dialogue entries. Just a quick and dirty “take my money and shut up” binder.

But why?

I’m impatient and seen enough menus already in almost 1.000 hours of gameplay.

How was it done?

Perk added to your character which adds the activation entry, conditioned against a list of traders.

Does that mean we can customize the list?

Yes, if you feel the need to do so. But notice your edits will be obsolete on any new update.

Update? What do you mean?

I’m sure I missed some trading actors. Some weren’t obvious, others are not “traceable” without time and/or CE2, and I probably never met some of the trading actors even after almost 1.000 hours of playing the game.

How to install?

Done with currently experimental xEdit, so mind the risk!

According to the developers of Mo2 -> drag&drop, Vortex the same. But if you want to do it full yolo hardcore, do it manually this way:

1. download Plugin enabler and install per instructions
2. add this to your load order .txt file(without quotes) “QT_QuickTrade.esm”
3. move the files inside the .zip to your Starfield/Data folder
4. blatantly ignore anything said about MyGames in the past
5. done



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