Show Star Names V1.7

Show Star Names V1.0

Always show star names when on the galaxy map

Names will be briefly hidden when selecting a stacked system (e.g. Narion + Valo)

Also removed the name text moving around when panning the map


Enable Archive Invalidation (INI settings)
Easiest way: Use BethINI to comfortably set the value (called Load Loose Files in the GUI)
Or: See this detailed Howto: Archive Invalidation to set the INI values with Windows tools.
Install mod files
Install via Vortex, or
Extract the files to the Starfield base directory

Remove via Vortex
If manually installed, remove these files from the Data\Interface folder:


Will not work with other mods that replace these two files
Please reach out or drop me a message if you wish to incorporate this into a larger UI or map mod – this was pretty easy to do. If doing so, credit would be appreciated! ♥



Download mod

File File size
zip Show Star Names-1-7 1 MB
zip Show Star Names-1-6 1 MB
zip Show Star Names-1-5 1 MB
zip ShowStarNames-1.0 99 KB
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