Black Shocktrooper Spacesuit V3.1

Black Shocktrooper Spacesuit

Recolors the orange parts of the shocktrooper set to black

UPDATE 2: Good news everyone! I found a temporary solution for the gloves that will also presumably affect other outfit gloves, but will make the orange gloves on this suit in a dark grey for males, and a much darker gray for females (idk why lol). Definitely better than orange until I can get my hands on the creation kit. Because it’s kind of a dirty fix I’m making it a separate file until then. Thanks for downloading guys.

Also added a Dark Satchels optional file to be used with the main file, overwrite when asked. (The fully black version already has this)

Recolors the orange parts of the shocktrooper spacesuit set to black. Also included optionally is a darker version of the Deepseeker pack.

A note on the gloves: The way bethesda armors work now is there are these things called materials and texture sets and they all work within the creation kit and make variants of certain textures like gloves that can’t be accessed in the base texture. An example of how these textures work is the bandanas in Fallout 4. There were several colored bandanas but only one base texture. All bandana colors were made in the creation kit. Meaning until the creation kit is out, the gloves will stay dark orange. Once it is out I will update the mod. I’m sorry that’s just the way it is right now afaik.

Update: Now with full blacked out version in optional files

Hope yall like it!


Step 1: Extract the Data folder into your Documents\My Games\Starfield folder

Step 2: Add these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in documents/my games/Starfield (Make sure there are no spaces)


Alternate step: If using Xbox gamepass and it does not work try opening the game folder (default path is C:\Xbox Games\Starfield\Content). Find the Starfield.ini file. Under [Archive] add the lines there.
Or use my ini tweaks mod here: Starfield ini Tweaks



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